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The harm of ammonia poisoning and how to prevent

The evening of July 5, 2016, located in Nanjing Jiangning Lukou Ningli road a special gas production enterprises, the sudden ammonia leak occurred near the cell events, a large number of residents feel discomfort and alarm. After the incident, the local environmental protection department, safety supervision departments and relevant department staff rushed to the scene to take the risk and investigation of emergency measures, and the relevant residents moved to a nearby hotel temporary placement, fortunately no injuries.

Local residents said, there is a special gas for the production of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other industrial companies they residential side, the taste is likely to spread out from the factory. Around 8 o'clock in the evening, the plant responsible person said, the taste is really spread from them, in order not to affect the lives of residents and rest, they can free residents transferred to the hotel residence.

The main reason of ammonia gas leakage is their upgrade construction on the ammonia production safety device in the tank will mention ammonia tank away, but also some gas pipeline residual ammonia, the residual ammonia workers transferred to the cell, but when it rains the gas pressure is low, the water absorption of ammonia speed and can absorb the concentration is very low, resulting in leakage of ammonia float out, then they timely disposal, little leakage of ammonia gas。

It is understood that ammonia has a strong irritant odor, the human body after inhalation of upper respiratory tract will produce discomfort, if the concentration is too large, it will affect the health. In order to ensure production and personal safety, the ammonia gas detector can be installed in the factory, when the degree of the gas concentration exceeds the alarm settings, alarm signal, duty personnel can take timely measures to avoid the occurrence of poisoning accident。

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