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           Henan zhong an electronic detection technology Co。, Ltd belong to  high-tech enterprise in henan province ,member unit of explosion-proof safety equipment industry association ,member unit of henan institute of measurement and testing.

Our company is Professional research and manufacture gas detect alarm instruments, gas detector,harmful gas detection instruments,Independent household gas alarm instruments ,air quality monitoring instruments, infrared gas analysis instruments。                          

The products are widely used in a variety of archaeological exploration, mining and metallurgy, steel, petroleum, chemical industry, gas, municipal fire, refrigeration, freighters, pharmaceuticals, rubber, hazardous chemicals storage and industrial manufacturing fields need explosion-proof, and other industrial sites need to be explosion-proof, anti- poisoning.

  Henan zhong an electronic detection technology co。, LTD。 The Products with patents and Copyrights software production, in the field of gas detection with a high reputation and customer recognition,The company have professional and technical personnel more than 30 people ,some products are exported to 13 countries and regions, the company has offices in many domestic cities, stage consulting and service stage of selling products provides a powerful guarantee.

    Henan zhong an electronic detection technology co。, LTD。 The Product project, design, research and development in line with market demand, conform to the requirements of the national product quality technology, instrument appearance design elegant, testing data is accurate, stable .gas detector and portable detector is explosion-proof design, stable quality of product has obtained national production licence for manufacturing measuring instruments, national explosion-proof electrical certificate, national explosion-proof electrical equipment installation and repair certificate, the ministry of public security mandatory product certification (3 c certification)。

  Henan zhongan electronic detection technology co., LTD. Product quality control system implements strictly national related standards, in order to ensure product quality,the implementation of 6 S management concept,  The company has a group of skilled product development and engineering and technical personnel, has a mature management concept and advanced technology and equipment, and at the same time introduce and absorb advanced international technology, developed a series of leading technology products.

 "Good instrument - Made in zhong an" is company put forward the slogan of product quality, we comply with "the perfect, efficient, innovation" the service idea, wholeheartedly for the society and enterprises to provide a safe and stable production


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