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Henan zhong an electronic detection technology Co., Ltd.
           Henan zhong an electronic detection technology Co., Ltd belong to  high-tech enterprise in henan province ,member unit of explosion-proof safety equi...... Company Office Environment Honor
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01Mastering core technology

  • Product design, research and development in line with market demand, in line with national quality technical requirements 

  • Product appearance is elegant, exquisite technology, test data stability 

02Professional protection

  • Wide range of products, wide range of use 

  • Mature stable and stable products are widely used in mining metallurgy, archaeological exploration, iron and steel, petrochemical, gas, municipal fire, refrigeration, pharmaceutical, industrial manufacturing and other fields 

Henan zhong an electronic detection technology Co., Ltd.

01Leading technology

  • Have a number of patents and software copyright

  • Standard manufacturing process, sophisticated production equipment, strong skills, high brand awareness 

02Value, quality service

  • One year warranty, life-long maintenance. Free installation instructions, no regular return visits to ensure customer satisfaction

  • Products and accessories with independent production, to provide cost-effective solutions 

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